Audition Information

CALL FOR APPOINTMENT: Kyle Myrick 435-632-1571
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Time & Location



Auditions Slots are from 6PM to 8PM

Audition & Callback Location:



Callbacks: By Invitation, TUES Jan 10th 6PM-9PM

Rehearsals: February 6 - April 6

Performances: April 7 - May 6

Be Prepared With


  1. Completed Audition Form LINK HERE



  1. ONE 60 Sec Song Selection In Style Of Show

  2. *No Accompanist Provided, Piano Is Provided, Audio Hookups Provided, No A Cappella Please*

  3. One 60 Second DRAMATIC Monologue 


  • Callbacks Will Be By Invitation Only

  • Callbacks May Consist Of Cold Readings

  • You Will Need To Know The Vocal Part For Roles In Which You Are Called Back

  • *Those Called Back Will Receive Music Sides To Review*

  • A Movement Call Will Be Required For Those Called Back

All Roles Are Open & Available

Leading Roles Will Be Understudied

Character Breakdown

Percy Talbott

Percy is pretty, if a bit rough-edged. Her face declares the strength of her youth and a sadness beyond her years. She carries a terrible secret. Strong folk/country belt to "D" some head voice required. 

Hannah Ferguson

About seventy, Hannah is the owner of the Spitfire Grill. She is a tough- skinned and flinty old bird with a short, no-nonsense manner bordering on the bitter. She can also be very tender-hearted and fiercely loyal. She has a secret of her own to protect. Mezzo/alto range.

Shelby Thorpe

In her mid-thirties, Shelby is a plain, soft-faced creature with a shy, almost ethe- real manner. She is the wife of Caleb Thorpe. Once her trust is gained, she also is a very loyal friend. Shimmering folk soprano with strong belt to "D."

Caleb Thorpe

In his early forties and the out-of-work foreman of the now-defunct stone quarry, Caleb is a frustrated man clinging to the past and the authority he once had. He bitterly opposes change. Solid folk/rock voice with top of "G."

Sheriff Joe Sutter

In his mid to late twenties, Joe is a young, small-town policeman with a rest- less nature and a genuine desire to escape Gilead. Strong folk tenor with top of "A."

Effy Crayneck

In her fifties, Effy is postmistress and the town busybody. She is a woman with narrow eyes and a sour tongue. There’s little to gossip about in a town so small, but when there is, she is the source. Strong mezzo/alto chest voice. Must carry strong harmonies.

The Visitor

In his mid-forties and a mysterious figure who never speaks, the visitor has powerful eyes and a very strong sense of his body.